PureScience is powered by a combination of scientific discovery and nature-derived ingredients. Animal health innovator, TyraTech, developed and launched PureScience in 2016. The PureScience portfolio of products for the control of insects and parasites is based on the synergistic properties of plant-based active ingredients and selected inert ingredients. With the experience of over 10 years of research and development, PureScience formulations deliver on a high standard of efficacy, safety, and economics for production animal operations


PureScience products are designed to deliver efficacy that meets or exceeds that of traditional insecticides and pesticides. We hold ourselves to a high bar for scientific validation of product results and adhere to industry-accepted testing standards.


Ingredients are selected to provide products which are safe and non-toxic when used as directed. For example, ingredients you will find in PureScience products include essential oils, active ingredients with a minimum risk profile and food tolerance exemptions.


We strive to provide solutions to insect and parasite problems in ways that are easy to administer, require fewer touches to control a problem, and ultimately deliver value in higher yields, lower losses, and improved productivity.

Our Development Approach

A three-step approach is necessary to optimize each of the formulation:

  1. A proprietary screening method is used to screen plant-based active ingredients that specifically target the tyramine neurotransmitter receptor, which is active in invertebrates but not in humans or other mammals.
  2. Active ingredients are combined and those exhibiting synergistic activity against target insects and parasites are selected to move on to development.
  3. Synergistic blends are further enhanced through formulation chemistry to develop products for commercialization.

Once the formula is developed, our R&D team goes to work testing the product:

  1. Using our onsite insectary and laboratory, lab studies are conducted throughout formulation to optimize the efficacy of each product.
  2. Field trials are conducted to confirm the efficacy of the product in a real world environment. This also serves to validate the application approach within various operational configurations (e.g., layer, cage free, free range).

Meeting the Challenge of Pesticide Resistance

The rise of resistance against pesticides with a chemical mode of action is a continual battle in controlling insects and parasites. Rotational programs aim to extend the useful life of these active ingredients. With resistance increasing and few new active ingredients being developed, there is a need for products that give farms power to manage insects in a new way.

The patented technology of PureScience synergizes a complex combination of physical modes of action with chemical modes of action to deliver highly effective insecticides.

Commitment to Safety: Nature-Derived Ingredients

TyraTech is driven to deliver insect and parasite control with a unique combination of safe ingredients and efficacy that is scientifically proven to meet or exceed traditional pesticide-based products.

Ingredients are chosen from those recognized as safe by major international regulatory agencies such as FDA (GRAS), EPA (FIFRA 25(b) exempt and List 4A), and EU biocide regulations.

TyraTech’s products are safe for humans and animals, and are respectful of the environment when used as directed.