Why PureScience?

The name exemplifies the innovation: pure, nature-derived ingredients matched with advanced formulation and scientific rigor.

PureScience was introduced in 2016 to address the need for new tools to manage insect and parasite problems in animal health. Increasingly, farms are faced with 3 key challenges:

1. Produce More.

As the world’s protein needs increase, improved pest management is a critical step in supplying food efficiently to the growing population. Insects and parasites are not merely a nuisance for animals but a strain on productivity causing stress, suppressed feed conversion, slowed weight gain, blood loss, and disease.

2. Produce Safely.

Regulations are increasingly targeting the use of various chemical pesticides for environmental or health reasons. This limits the options farms have to battle pests.

3. Produce Economically.

Customer pressure is constant and the costs of supplying animal protein and dairy continue to rise. Investment in pest management must show a return. The cost of labor and materials is critical and value in animal health and increased yield must outweigh what is spent.


Why PureScience is a Great Option for Animal Operations

Proven, Versatile Efficacy

Effective against all life stages.

Traditional pesticides typically work as neurotoxins that target only life stages with developed nervous systems – primarily adults. By adding a physical mode of action, PureScience can act as an adulticide and ovicide – and this means longer-lasting control by breaking the lifecycle with one product and one treatment.

Effective where pesticide resistance is a challenge.

PureScience relies on a more complex chemical plus physical mode of action rather than the traditional chemical pesticides to which resistance has developed. Equally important, this synergy between physical and chemical mode of action reduces the likelihood of resistance development.

Field proven efficacy that delivers the results you would expect from a traditional pesticide.

Previously an EPA exempt product or nature-derived ingredients may have meant a lower expectation of efficacy. Not with PureScience. Rigorous testing to industry-accepted standards, including field testing at scale, is performed on all PureScience products and compared to leading standards of care and EPA registered products to validate that efficacy is reliable, proven, and comparable to existing recommendations.

Safe for People, Animals and the Environment

Non-toxic, nature-derived actives.

Ingredients are selected from regulatory listings of ingredients deemed safe or minimum risk based on extensive research or scientific understanding.

Insect and parasite control products that are effective without the use of traditional pesticides provides reliable alternatives to decrease our worldwide reliance on synthetic pesticides.

Tailored to provide economic advantage

Strong efficacy equates to a lower annual cost for pest management. PureScience products are tested to confirm strong efficacy compared to leading products. Combined with the ability to kill all life stages of targeted insects and parasites, PureScience offers long-lasting control to allow for labor savings and lower overall product costs in a management program.

Our Approach

Innovative Formulation

PureScience is based on the synergistic properties of plant-based active ingredients and selected inert ingredients.

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Mission & Beliefs

We believe there can be effective control of insects and the risks they pose without compromising safety. Our insect and parasite control products are created by enhancing the well-known natural insecticidal properties of plants to design formulas that are rooted in safety and efficacy. Because they are nature-derived, our products are safe for humans, animals and the environment. They offer true alternatives to traditional pesticides.

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Q: Where is PureScience registered for use?

A: Approval for the sale of EPA Exempt, minimum risk pesticides, is handled by each state. Check the product page and associated Tech Sheet for a listing of states where a particular PureScience product has been approved for use. If your state is not listed, contact your sales representative as registration may be pending.

Q: What does EPA Exempt or minimum risk pesticide mean?

A: The EPA has exempted from review and registration certain minimum risk pesticides that are deemed to pose little to no risk to human health of the environment. This is pursuant to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (40 CFR 152.25(f)). There are 6 key criteria for this class of pesticides, including the requirement that all of the included active and inert ingredients must come from the EPA approved lists for such ingredients, many of which are commonly consumed food commodities, animal feed items, and edible fats and oils. The active ingredients in PureScience products are often commonly recognizable essential oils such as geraniol, cinnamon oil, and thyme oil. TyraTech holds itself to a high standard of scientific rigor. Though PureScience products are EPA exempt, efficacy testing and safety validation are conducted to industry standards and those results are shared in scientific dossiers with states as required and with customers. Read more about the EPA’s criteria for such products.

Q: Are PureScience products OMRI certified?

A: Due to the strict raw material sourcing requirements for OMRI certification, not all PureScience products are certified, though they all feature nature-derived active ingredients. As certification is received, approved products will be labeled with the appropriate logo and named differently to indicate that they are an OMRI certified version of the formula. Contact your sales representative for information on new products planned.

The R&D Team

Meet our R&D team. We are proud to conduct our own research and development, rear our own insects, and spend time in the field working with farm staff to understand how to best meet their needs.

  • Robert Rowland, Technical Services Manager
  • Jason Schmidt, TyraTech Director of R&D / Product Development
  • Scot Huber, TyraTech Directory of R&D
  • Jeff Owens, TyraTech Scientist
  • Chris Knox, Scientist
  • Tanner Stanfield, Lab Assistant
  • Pinky Prem, Lab Assistant